Martha Jones is a black female doctor who Shakespare wrote sonnets about she saved the world using a spell from Harry Potter and then she traveled the world and saved it from the master and she didn’t need something magical about her to save the world
So please explain to me why you hate martha

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Gif Meme - Anonymous asked: Catelyn Tully + Touch Me

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some of my fave harry potter memes:

  • predicting an outcome of “ireland will win but krum will catch the snitch” for any sporting event regardless of game/who’s playing
  • screaming “I DID MY WAITING! TWELVE YEARS OF IT! IN AZABAN!” whenever you have to wait longer than thirteen seconds for something mundane
  • tacking on “or worse, expelled" to whatever potential consequences someone is listing

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The life of Julian Bashir, a brief summary.

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Coulson in 1x13 and 2x02

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"…big enough for you, Brigadier?"

Terror of the Zygons - season 13 - 1975

Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted… our destinies have changed. 

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